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Over the last 10 years Marathon Xpress Inc has been the first option to transport fresh cut flower products to the Northwest region.


Our mission is to provide a secure, on-time, and fresh quality delivery option for your refrigerated freight needs so your product reaches its destination with the optimum shelf life and so you can enjoy a fresh product at your table! Please contact us to get the best quote.

Quality & Freshness - at your table!



"Individual commitment makes a team work, a company succeed and a society excel."


Team drivers and the Dispatch team are hands-on-hand working towards providing you the best service for all freight matters. We strive to become the first option for refrigerated shipment in the regions we serve by guaranteeing that your commodities will be treated with the value and attention that it took you to produce them.


All chilled, frozen and temperature controlled products pass through the inspection and acceptance process during loading, transporting and delivering to validate FSMA temperature-controlled rules are applied.


Marathon Xpress Inc  will continue building a strong logistics community with skilled professionals, dedicated teams and visionaries. We are also extending our services to South American market so international products can be reached at your finger tips.



  • Proactively prevent product spoilage with temperature-controlled trailers assisted with the best technology in place to alert when temperature changes are out of range with notifications to the dispatch team and crew members.
  • Ensure product integrity from the dock to the customer door by complying with FSMA temperature controlled rules.
  • Supervise that all equipment surfaces are adequately clean to transport your products and comply with carrier sanitation rules.
  • Defined temperature controlled profiles for every product so loading, transportation and unloading is seamless for your product.


  • Temperature-controlled devices on every trailer
  • OmniTracs - Fleet Management Software on every truck to monitor pickup, deliveries, and final destination.
  • Real-Time Notification of your freight at every step of the process.
  • 24/7 Customer Care Center
  • Go paperless with our online portal which enables you to submit your documents,  provide a digital signature and submit your receipts for instant payment.
  • Logistic Scheduling Software simplifying the booking time to pickup and deliver your freight.
  • EDL and compliance tools for electronic logs and HOS reports.


  • Our goal is to improve customer relationships by proactively sharing information, so you know where your freight is at all times.
  • Obtain temperature reports alongside proof of delivery to reduce rejected shipments and increase confidence with our Dispatch Team.
  • Get real-time ETAs to reduce inquiries and streamline product delivery.
  • Have questions? Our 24/7 Customer Care Center can record your inquiries and provide you with insightful  information about your freight.
  • Dock masters can be notified on time for freight pickup and delivery through our online appointment scheduler.
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